Using Swing's iOS App

Swing's iOS app has been designed to work seamlessly with the online platform. Just like the website, the app will have open requests, your commitments, work and payment history, and your substitute teacher profile. 

How to find open requests:
Upon logging in to the app, you will be taken to the commitments page showing your upcoming Swing requests. You can view open requests by clicking the Openings tab at the bottom of your screen. You can switch between available requests (requests that are first come, first serve) and waitlisted requests (where you will be added to a waitlist and be placed into the request if the original sub cancels). Click on any request to view more details like the school address, contact information, and reporting information. 



Managing notifications from the Swing app

When you register for the Swing app, you'll begin to receive push notifications to your phone instead of text notifications about open requests. To accept an open request, simply click on the notification from your notification center. This will take you to the request page for that assignment, where you can view request details, and sign up if you are interested. 
Note:  If you turn off your push notifications in the settings of your iPhone, you will begin to receive text notifications again.  If you turn on your push notifications, you will no longer receive text notifications. We recommend using push notifications instead of text notifications.

Viewing Multi-Day Requests

To expand the dates and times of a multi-day request, simply click into the request and click the area where it shows the start and end days of the request. This will take you to the expanded list of all days included in this request. 



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