The Quick-Start Guide to the Swing Education App


We know you’re busy, so we designed the Swing Education app for teachers on the go. With the app, you can view and accept requests, get access to your schedule, update your profile, and more. Get started with the guide below.

Viewing New Requests & Commitments

Log in to the app and you will be taken to the home screen. You automatically open onto the open requests page. To view your schedule, tap “Commitments”.  You can also view your profile under "Profile" and under "More" you can see your account badges and more. 




Using Notifications

Once you download and log into the app, you will be notified of new requests via push notification instead of SMS messages.  With push notifications, you will now have all your Swing activity centralized in the app. You will need to hit 'allow notifications' when prompted to switch to app notifications from SMS. 

See how to do this on our TikTok here.

To accept a request from a push notification, tap the notification from your notification center. This will take you to the request page for that assignment, where you can view request details and accept the request.

Important: If you disable app notifications, you will not automatically start receiving teaching requests via text message.  Please contact support and ask them to re-enable text notifications.


iOS_notification.png.    Android_notification.png


Viewing Multi-Day Requests

To view a multi-day request, first tap to open it.  At the top of the screen, you’ll see the date range for the request. Tap the right arrow to see the day-by-day view. 


IMG_8629_2.PNG     IMG_8635.PNG