What Are My Payment Options?

At Swing, we have two different billing options. These options are discussed at the time of signing your contract with Swing. Please contact us and let us know if you would like to make any changes.

To view your invoices, check out our help article on viewing invoices.

NOTE: To view invoices on the platform, you must be a billing admin. If you wish to become a billing admin please have your accounting department contact us with your name and email address. 

PrePaid Deposit (PPPD)


  • ABC School agrees to the Pre-Payment Plan of a top-up amount of $20,000 (amount varies by school).
  • The school is invoiced its prepayment amount of $20,000 and their Prepaid Draw Down (PDDD) is automatically topped up. All top-up invoices are expected to be paid upon receipt. 
  • Once the school starts requesting subs, the usage invoices are created. These usage invoices are automatically paid and applied via the PPDD balance. 
  • As the PPDD balance reaches a set, low balance a top-up invoice is automatically issued, and then the PPDD balance is topped up by another $20,000. 

Pay as you go

  • Pay as you go allows you to pay your invoices as you use Swing Subs. You only pay for what you have used, and all invoices are expected to be paid upon receipt.