Swing's Guide to Completing Mandated Reporter Training

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What is Mandated Reporter Training?

California Ed Code requires all school personnel to complete free training to become Mandated Reporters and to renew this training annually. Mandated Reporters are required by the state of California to report any known or suspected instances of child abuse or neglect to the county child welfare department or to local law enforcement agency (local police/sheriff's department).


When do I take Mandated Reporter Training?

You will be prompted to complete your Mandated Reporter training after your first day of working in the classroom. At that point, you will have six weeks to complete the free online training and upload your certificate of completion to Swing's website for our team to review and confirm. If your certificate has not been confirmed at the end of this six-week period, you will no longer be eligible to view and accept substitute teaching requests. Your access will be restored as soon as your certificate is confirmed.

How do I take Mandated Reporter Training?

Maria from Swing Support goes over how you can add the Mandated Reporter School Personnel Training to your Mandated Reporter account: 


A Written Step-by-Step Guide: 

Go to the Mandated Reporter Training Website, or you can submit a valid completion certificate from a school or another reputable & compliant third party.

If you HAVE taken Mandated Reporter Training through this site before:

1. Log into your existing account.
2. Retake the School Personnel Training

If this is your FIRST TIME taking the Mandated Reporter Training on this site:

  1. Click on "Register/Sign In"
  2. Click the "Sign Up" button
  3. Select the School Personnel course and then click "Next"
  4. Fill out the required fields (name, email, zip code), create and confirm a password, and click "Next"
  5. You'll be prompted to check your email inbox for an email (it may take 5-10 minutes)
  6. Verify your account through the email, and you'll log into the Mandated Reporter site again
  7. You'll be prompted to take the General Training, which is a prerequisite for the School Personnel course. Click "Take Training" to get started.
  8. Once you've finished General Training, you'll be required to complete an exam. Click "Take Exam" and complete the 20 questions.
  9. The School Personnel will become available once you've passed. Rinse and repeat by taking the School Personnel course followed by the related exam.
  10. Once it's completed, be sure to download your certificate!
    • Please note: in the event of technical difficulties, submit a request for help through the “Contact Us” form on the Mandated Reporter Training Website. Swing Customer Service is unable to provide technical support for this website. There is also a series of helpful How To Videos on their website that show you, click-by-click, how to register, download your certificate of completion, etc.

What do I do after the training?

Log into your Swing account and follow the prompt to update your account.

1) Answer "Yes" to whether you completed the CA Mandated Reporter Training:


2) Then upload a copy of the CA Mandated Reporter Training certificate by clicking on the "Submit" button: 


When you click the "Submit" button you can upload the certificate that you just downloaded. Our team will review and confirm it, and you'll be ready to sub!

What if I have NOT taken the Mandated Reporter Training?

If you haven't the Mandated Reporter Training select "No" then click on "Register and Sign In" to sign up for it. 


What if I've taken the Mandated Reporter Training already?

If you took it through Mandated Reporter CA...

  1. Go to the Mandated Reporter Training Website.
  2. Log into your existing account
  3. Download your certificate
  4. Upload into your Swing account as shown above!

If you took it through another source...

Simply upload a PDF of your existing training certificate to your Swing account as shown above!


How to add Mandated Reporter Training to your timesheet:

You will be able to enter the training into your timesheet by using the pay code "Training CA" and adding the number of hours in your timesheet in the "Amount" section.




Reference California Mandated Reporter Training 

The information above is provided by Swing Education in reference to the California Department of Education and the California Department of Child Support Services. For more information, please reference the complete training: https://mandatedreporterca.com/training/school-personnel