School Profiles

You can help set your Swing Education substitutes up for success by updating your school profile with important campus and classroom procedures. Here’s how it works.

1) Log in to your Swing account.

2) Click on your name in the top-right corner of the page, and then select "School Profiles"

3) Select "Edit Profile" for the desired school:


4) Select "Edit Section" to the left of any section you’d like to update. 


You can update the “School Details” (i.e. start and end times), “Arriving Onsite” (parking and check-in/check-out procedures), and “Site Policies” sections directly in your online Swing account. Please contact Swing support if you’d like to update your billing information.

5) Save Changes

Once you’ve updated a section of your school profile, make sure to select the “Save Changes” button to finalize it.