How do I Setup My School Profile?

You can help set your Swing Subs up for success by keeping your school profile up to date with your schools: 

  1. Parking procedures
  2. Dress Code
  3. Emergency Protocols
  4. Other important details

You can also update your standard school schedule, add admins, and view your pay rates. 

How To Setup School Profile (Step-By-Step)

1) Log in to your Swing account.

2) Click on your name in the top-right corner of the page, and then select "School Profiles."


3) Select "Edit Profile" for the desired school:


4) Select "Edit Section" to the left of any section you’d like to update. 


You can edit sections including:

  • School Details: Users, COVID Protocols, Vaccination Requirements
  • Arriving Onsite: Parking, Check-in location, and Procedures
  • Site Policies: Attendance, Escalations, Dress, Lunch protocols, and moreArriving_on-site_info.png

5) Once you’ve updated any section of your school profile, make sure to select the “Save Changes” button to finalize it. 


Note: If you need to update your address or billing information please contact us. You are unable to make that change on your profile at this time.