How Do I Complete My Live Scan?


You can click here for a comprehensive list of LiveScan locations, including our recommended UPS locations.


  • Please make sure to call in advance or check store hours to ensure the UPS/Livescan location is open and does not require an appointment.
  • Applicants must have a current valid ID
    • Driver’s License or State issued ID card
  • Bring two copies of the Swing Live Scan form found in your account. One copy is for you, and one is for the Live Scan operator. You must have this form to complete your LiveScan. 
  • Let the Live Scan operator know you’re getting your Live Scan for Swing Education.
  • Once your Livescan is complete, make sure to indicate that you completed it in your Swing Account Account. Please give Swing Education 7-14 business days to receive and process your background check. You will be notified via email when it is processed and reviewed. 

* Please remember that processing may take longer than 7-14 days, depending on the DOJ. We appreciate your patience. 

Is my Livescan reimbursable?

Livescans are now reimbursable without a receipt and up to $74.99. It will automatically be paid to you on your first paycheck after your first day in the classroom.  Please allow up to 2 pay periods for reimbursement. (effective 10/11/22)