How Do I Complete My Live Scan at UPS (CA only)



For locations click here:  

  • Partnered UPS locations that offer prepay are marked as blue in the above map
    • If you are looking for pre-pay locations only, make sure prepay are only selected (unselect All Locations). 
  • UPS locations marked as purple are not prepaid partners of Swing Education
    • You can still go here to get your Livescan, but you will need to pay out of pocket



  • Please make sure to call in advance or check store hours to make sure the UPS location is open
  • Applicants must have a current valid ID
    • Driver’s License or State issued ID card
  • Bring two copies of the Swing Live Scan form - a copy for you to keep, and a copy for the Live Scan operator
    • If you don't bring 2 copies of the Swing LiveScan form, some locations may charge you $0.20 cents for a Live Scan form.
  • Let the UPS Live Scan operator know that you’re getting your Live Scan for Swing Education
  • Once your Livescan is complete, make sure to indicate that you completed it in your Swing Account. Please give Swing Education 5-7 business days to receive and process your background check. You will be notified via email when it is processed and reviewed.