How Do I Complete the New Jersey TB Test Requirement?
All SwingSubs in New Jersey must provide a TB test that shows a negative result, clearing them of active Tuberculosis infection. Requirements for TB test:
  • Must be a skin test, blood test, or negative chest x-ray
  • The TB test must have a negative reading
  • Must have a read/results date from within the past 6 months
  • Must be signed or acknowledged by a healthcare professional
You may go to your healthcare provider or any clinic, such as a MinuteClinic, for the TB test. 

You can get a TB test done at a location of your choice and upload TB test results to your Swing account.

Once you have completed the test, upload your TB test results to your Swing account. If your TB test was completed more than 6 months ago or does not display a negative result, you will need to get a new TB test done.