How do I know I'm signing up for a Swing Hero request?


IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the midst of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we understand that many of our school partners are taking the necessary measures to keep their children and staff safe. 
Due to the extremely high number of school closures and the safety of the public, all Swing Hero assignments are canceled. If you had a Swing Hero commitment, it will no longer appear in your commitments tab. When Swing Hero assignments resume, you will automatically begin seeing new requests. As we continue to learn about more school closures, we will keep you updated with changes to the Swing Hero Program.
We empathize with your concerns around the impact of school closures on your families and communities. For additional information on these types of situations, please see our Coronavirus FAQs.


Log on to your account to view open requests. Swing Hero requests have a yellow "Swing Hero" flag on the request.  To see more information related the Swing Hero request, click "View Details".  Click the "Sign up!" button to sign up for the request. 

For questions, contact us here