Swing Heroes FAQ

Swing Heroes FAQ

How do I find Swing Heroes requests?

You can accept Swing Heroes requests by logging in to your Swing account. (They are not currently available via text message.) These requests are labeled “Swing Heroes” on our platform and have a “Swing Hero” banner.

Why do I only get certain assignment details in advance?

Swing Heroes requests are designed to address the growing challenge of last-minute teacher absences. When you accept a Swing Heroes request, we are essentially reserving your time for a given day. This enables Swing to match you with nearby school sites that need a substitute teacher to cover a last-minute absence.

What does guaranteed minimum pay mean?

If you accept a Swing Heroes request, you will always earn at least the rate listed in the “guaranteed minimum pay” section. But if the school has a higher rate than the guaranteed minimum, you will receive that higher amount.

What if I can’t make it to the school on time?

Call the school administrator listed on the request as soon as you determine that you will be late. Let them know you just received the assignment, but that you're on your way. If you can't reach the administrator, call Swing’s support team and let us know. If you are marked late, contact us so that we can waive the penalty.

What if I don’t want to sub at a certain school?

Contact Swing’s support team here and let us know the names of any specific schools you’d like to avoid. We’ll then remove them from your account to ensure you don’t receive requests from them.

What if I’m not qualified to fill the request?

Particularly when faced with filling a last-minute teacher absence, schools generally prioritize finding someone who can follow the teacher's lesson plan and maintain a safe classroom environment. Teachers often leave lesson plans understanding that the substitute may not be an expert in their particular subject.

How many open Swing Heroes requests are available near me?

Each Wednesday, you’ll receive a text message that has information on open requests for the upcoming week. Or check for openings on our online platform any time.


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