How Can I Give My Staff View-Only Access?


Keep your faculty in the loop on absences covered by Swing Education substitute teachers by equipping them with view-only access to the Swing platform.

View-only access is designed for staff who would benefit from knowing which Swing Subs will be on your campus and where those individuals should go. 

This feature is best for:

  • Front office personnel 
  • Teachers
  • School leaders whose needs are posted by a sub desk coordinator/HR

What can view-only access users do?

  • Report substitute teacher issues (e.g., late arrivals) 
  • Leave feedback on substitute teachers directly from their account
  • See substitute teacher profiles and request details

Your current Swing users will continue to have the same account permissions and functionality (unless you prefer otherwise); we recommend view-only access for any school personal who will not need to post your substitute needs. 

Why View-Only Access

Save Time and Improve Your Swing Experience

View-only access will help your school staff better support the Swing Subs who visit your campus. For example, a secretary with view-only access would be able to confirm who the substitute is and direct that educator to the right classroom. 

How does this help you?

  • Your staff can resolve substitute teacher issues (e.g., late arrivals) 
  • Your staff will have more helpful information on the substitute and the request
  • Your staff works directly with the sub, so they can leave first-hand feedback about their experience

View-Only Access vs. Requesting Access 


View-Only Access

Requesting Access

Can edit, post, and cancel requests No Yes
Can see requests posted by other admins Yes Yes
Can view school and sub profiles Yes Yes
Can edit school profile No Yes
Can see request pay No Yes
Can leave sub feedback Yes Yes
Can report an issue (i.e. a sub arrives late)  Yes Yes
Can receive email updates Yes Yes


How to Give Your Staff View-Only Access

It’s easy to get school staff added to the Swing platform with view-only access. Simply reach out to us with a list of the staff you’d like to add or convert, and our team will handle the rest. 

Please include each staff member’s name, job title, email address, and phone number in your message.


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