How Do I Block a Sub?

If you had a sub at your school and would prefer that they do not return, you can block that sub.  First, provide a reason for blocking the sub, then block the sub on the request page. We maintain a record of all sub performance feedback to help us improve future sub performance. 

How to block a sub:

  1. Type your reasons for blocking the sub in the text box on the request page.
  2. Click "negative" when rating your experience.
  3. Toggle the "unlink" button to block the sub from your school.
  4. Select the reason for unlinking the substitute and share details.
  5. Submit your feedback.


What happens with my feedback?

Each time a sub gets negative feedback, we provide them with guidance, resources and other materials that can help them improve their performance. In extreme cases, a sub can be removed from the platform. 

How can I block a sub from our entire district?

If you're authorized to make such decisions for your district, please contact us, and ask for the sub to be blocked from the district. At this time, you can only block a sub from one individual school on the platform.