Filtering by Type of Request

On the Swing Education platform, you cannot currently filter by request type. You can, however, search by keywords in the search bar. This can help you filter through all of those available requests!
You can use keywords such as:
  • Subject
  • School Name
  • City
  • Grade
You are only displayed requests that you are qualified for with Swing, but you may not be necessarily comfortable teaching. Keep in mind most teachers prepare for the sub day in advance and will leave you all the materials you need to have a successful day. We encourage you to expand your area of expertise by picking up new subjects to teach!
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    Joanne Wheatley

    It is 6:38 am and I have been checking my phone every 5 minutes since 6:00am because I accepted a Swing Hero request for today.  Nothing has come in by text or email and I can not get into my Swing Sub account. You are telling me that my account has not been approved. However I have already subbed once and been paid once.  I should be able to reach you.  Also I tried yesterday to contact you and I got stuck in the box where you say whether you are a teacher or school admin. It would not accept what I typed and would not proceed to the nextr box, re[eated;y!  Help!

    Joanne Wheatley

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