Accepting a Request

You can accept requests posted by schools in the following two ways:

1. Via the Swing Website:

All requests are posted via the Swing Website. If you are looking for an open request, log in to your Swing account and click Open Requests on the top navigation bar. Here you will see all open requests that you are eligible for.


You can click the view details button to view and accept the assignment, or you can click on the school name to view more details like the contact information, teacher name, and any notes the school has left.

Once you have signed up, you should get a text confirmation of the assignment, and it will populate in your upcoming commitments page. Note: If all available jobs are filled, you can still add yourself to the waitlists for assignments in case another sub cancels!

2. Via Text Notification:


Signing up for requests via text message is the quickest way to secure your work for the day. Requests are sent out in a random order and are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. When there is an open request, you’ll receive a notification like this:

You’ll be given the option to log in the the Swing website on your mobile browser through the link provided, or reply directly to the message with the prompted keyword. In this example, the keyword is sub 0a2f .

When you successfully sign up for an assignment, you’ll get a confirmation text that says "You're Confirmed!"

Note: You cannot sign up for multi-day or long term assignments via text message. Follow the link in the text notification to view and sign up for these requests through your mobile browser or computer.

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