View Your Payment History

This article will help you view and download your recent payment history. If you haven't done your payment setup yet please follow this link to do so

1) From the top navigation bar underneath your name, click the Payment History option.


2) This will take you to your Payment Details page. From here you have 3 options to view, export or download your recent payment history.

Option- 1 Below Download confirmation you will notice a Blue Arrow. Clicking on this will take you to the payment itemized details page for any given pay period. This where you can see Status, Amount, Location, Date, and other information associated with this payment.


From Payment Details, you can also download either an Excel or PDF statement for that given pay period.*Please note in order to use this function you do need to have Excel or Adobe installed on your computer. 



Option 2-  In the Top Right corner you will notice the ability to Export to Excel. Hitting this button will allow you to download your year to date payment information. *Please note in order to use this function you do need to have Excel installed on your computer. 



Option 3-  You will also notice an option for Download confirmation for any given pay period. This will allow you to view and save a Payment Details Report that will show validation of payment for a specific pay date.


Link to download 



The Downloaded Payment Detail Report 






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