How do I View My Payment History? (1099 Subs)

**This article explains payment history for 1099 subs using Tipalti, if you are a W2 sub using ADP, click HERE**


How to View Payment History (Overview)

In order to view your payment history or download pay statements, you'll need to use a desktop web browser. Then you will: 

  1. Login to Swing on your desktop web browser
  2. Click on the "Payment History" on the drop-down menu
  3. Select which payment you want to review by clicking on the blue arrow

Note: This feature is not available on the Swing App. This feature is only available on the Swing Platform via a web browser. 

On your Payment History tab you can:

  • See the general amount paid to you by the week.
  • View an itemized breakdown of the week's pay, including location and hours worked.
  • Download weekly pay statements
  • Download a CSV file of all payments made.
  • Download a confirmation of payment page directions listed below. 

How To Download Weekly Pay Statements: 

1. Click "Payment History" from the dropdown in the top right-hand corner. This will show you week-by-week summaries of your payment amounts


2. Click on the blue arrow next to a given week to go to the “itemized payment details”,  where you can see all your payments broken down. 


This will give you the details of the school you worked at, the date, and the times as shown below:


3. From Payment Details, you can also download either an Excel or PDF statement for that given pay period, this is your pay statement. 


How To Download All Your Payments Into One File:

1. Click Payment History from the dropdown in the top right hand corner (as shown above) to see the week-by-week summaries of your payment amounts.

2. Click the blue 'Export to Excel' button near the top of the page.



What If I Need a Letter Verifying My Income? 

To request an income verification letter please contact us at below to request a letter.

Please allow up to a week's processing time. We cannot provide employment verifications as Swing Subs are independent contractors, however, income verifications are typically an acceptable replacement.