How do I complete the California Permit Online Application?

One of the requirements for the substitute teaching permit is an online application. Here are the detailed steps to completing it:

  1. Click on this link to access the application -

  2. Complete Section 1 (Personal Information)Screen_Shot_2021-03-16_at_1.52.15_PM.png

  3. For Section 2 (Application Type Requested), select "New Credential/Permit" if this is your first time applying, or "Renewal" if you are renewing an existing permit.Screen_Shot_2021-03-16_at_1.53.02_PM.png

  4. For Section 3 (Choose Document Type), under "Substitute Permits" select "30-Day Substitute")

  5. Skip Section 4 (Select Authorization/Subject Areas) and Section 5 (Child Development Permit Renewal Self-Verification)

  6. Answer the questions in Section 6 (Professional Fitness Questions). Make sure that if you do answer yes to any of the questions, that you also complete and submit the Professional Fitness Explanation Form linked in the application.Screen_Shot_2021-03-16_at_1.55.19_PM.png

  7. Read through Section 7 (Child Abuse and Neglect Mandated Reporting) and click "I agree"Screen_Shot_2021-03-16_at_1.57.16_PM.png

  8. Skip Section 8 (Employing Agency Information) - the 30-Day Permit which you are applying for is exempt.

  9. Review your answers and complete Section 9 (Oath and Affidavit).Screen_Shot_2021-03-16_at_1.57.58_PM.png
  10. Print out the completed application and sign it 

If you have additional questions about the online application, please contact contact us here. Thanks!