I forgot to post a sub's work on the Swing platform

We love when Swing’s school partners have great working relationships with specific substitute teachers! Sometimes it’s easy to call a sub in to work and forget to post the request to the Swing platform.

This creates a problem for the substitute teacher, however, as their payment for the day will be delayed. We recommend that you post the request to the platform and request the specific sub if you've called a specific sub in to work that day.

If you forgot to post the request to the platform, here’s what to do:

Submit a request here ASAP with the following information:

  • Date worked
  • Time range worked
  • Teacher name
  • Grade-level taught
  • Subject taught

Carbon copy the substitute teacher on the email, if you can, this will keep everyone on the same page.

That’s it! Swing will take care of the rest!