Long Term Requests

Why You’ll Love Long-Term Assignments

  1. Higher earning potential: long-terms offer consistent pay, which means you could earn thousands of dollars by the end of the school year 
  2. A regular schedule that gives you peace of mind
  3. Teaching the same group of students every day limits your exposure to COVID-19
  4. Plus, COVID-19 campus protocols that help you feel protected

What is a long-term request?

  • A request that is more than 21 calendar days, though this may vary by school and is subject to change. 
  • Long-term requests are waitlist only, so be sure to sign up for as many that appeal to you so you can increase your chances of being selected. 

What should I expect?

  • You should have a current resume ready so you can provide it to the admin if asked
  • You may be asked to interview or speak with an admin at the school prior to being selected
  • You will be expected to be available every day on the request. Most admins will not want someone who can only work some of the days listed