Long Term Requests

What is a long term request?

  • Any request over three weeks (21 days) is considered a long term request
  • Depending on the nature of the work, most schools set a higher pay rate than the normal daily rate to compensate for additional work (e.g. office hours, lesson planning, etc) 

Things to note:

  • Subs aren't automatically confirmed into a long term request
  • ONLY interested subs should add themselves to the waitlist
  • The school will interview the subs on the waitlist and may ask subs for their resumes
    • After the interview process, the school will select one of the subs into the request

Please note that Swing has no control over when/ if you will ever be chosen as a sub for a long term request. You can send a quick note to the school expressing your interest but it is completely up to them if they chose you for their role. 




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    Clark Simmons

    Why I’m not being considered for long term request. I respond quickly and then the reply is “Being Considered “. Than they are assigned. I’m experienced with a teachers license and have Star Status. Ramdom issuing of assignments I feel ignores my status and experiences.

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