Long Term Requests

Why You’ll Love Long-Term Assignments

  1. Higher earning potential: long-terms offer consistent pay, which means you could earn thousands of dollars by the end of the school year. 
  2. A regular schedule that gives you peace of mind

What is a long-term request?

  • A request that is 16 working days or more, though this may vary by school* and is subject to change. 
    • *Our Texas partner's longterm requests start at 30 working days, based on state credentialing requirements.
  • Long-term requests are waitlist only, so be sure to sign up for as many that appeal to you so you can increase your chances of being selected. 

What should I expect?

  • You should have a current resume ready so you can provide it to the admin if asked.
  • You may be asked to interview or speak with an admin at the school prior to being selected.
  • You will be expected to be available every day upon request. Most admins will not want someone who can only work some of the days listed.

Note: If an unexpected absence comes up during the request, however, be sure to notify the school as well as Swing Support support@swingeducation.com as soon as possible.


A school might contact you for an interview or to discuss your interest in the request.  This is a great time for you to learn more about the school, the students, and the role you’ll be filling in for. Ask clarifying questions, including expectations and extra responsibilities the position may entail, such as prep time. These steps are also completely optional. If you do not wish to take them, you may accept a different request.