Requested Substitutes and School Favorites Lists

What does it mean to be added to the favorites list?

  • After you complete an assignment at a school, the school has the option to add you to their "favoriteslist.
  • When schools issue an assignment they have the option to select subs from their "favorites list" using our “requested sub” feature.
  • Subs who are chosen from the school's "favorites" list for a specific assignment are given 24-hour advance notice to accept the assignment 
    • Note: Schools can choose more than one requested sub for an assignment
  • If any requested subs choose NOT to accept within the 24 hours, the rest of the sub-pool will be notified.
  • Being requested as a favorite can also benefit your Star Sub Status

How do you know if you were requested?

  • You will receive an email when a school has added you to their favorites list.
  • When you are requested for an assignment the SMS (text message) notification will indicate this by stating: "You've been requested" (see image below)
  • Your profile on our platform indicates the number of times a school requested you for a specific request

How do I get added to a school's favorites list?