My substitute hasn't arrived!

We're sorry to hear when a sub is late, or did not arrive! We encourage you to let us know as soon as possible, using the "Report an Issue" button on the platform. Please note that we take sub reliability very seriously. By you using the platform to report your issue, it helps us track, and monitor our subs reliability with Swing. This could mean removal from the platform which is a loss of income for the sub. 


Once you click the 'Report an Issue" Button, a pop up will appear, and allow you to click the no show button, then leave any feedback you can provide in order for us to resolve the issue for you as quickly as possible.


Screen_Shot_2019-05-14_at_1_50_06_PM.png Screen_Shot_2019-05-14_at_1.50.15_PM.png

Note: Once you report them as a no show, our entire team gets an high priority alert letting us know that the sub has not arrived.

What are the steps you take to fix my issue!?

As soon as we are notified we:

  1. Reach out to the sub immediately to get an ETA.
  2. Reach out to school and confirm with them if they would like us find a replacement sub for the day.
  3. Reissue the request, to find a replacement sub, if asked to do so.  
    1. If the sub is running late, we will give you an ETA and ask that you update the request page using the "Report an Issue" button on the platform to mark them as late.  

Why hasn't my sub arrived?!

Some common reasons for a sub being a late/ or a no show:

  1. Sub is stuck in traffic or looking for parking
  2. Sub had an emergency and was unable to cancel
  3. Sub had an error with their own calendar reminders

Some subs are embarrassed to admit they are running late, or made a scheduling error. However, we encourage them to reach out and be honest about what is going on, and providing you with any help they can on their end to resolve the issue.