How Do I Notify Swing That My Sub is a No Show?

We understand that late subs and no shows are disruptive.  When this occurs,  let us know as soon as possible using the "Report an Issue" button on the platform. We’ll assist you either by contacting the sub or finding another sub to fill your request. 

After you click the 'Report an Issue" button, a pop up will appear, allowing you to click the no show button.

Please leave feedback notes to help us to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Once you report the sub as a no show, our support team is immediately alerted and our plan of action begins. 


How Swing Addresses No Shows

Support begins by reaching out to the sub to get an estimated time of arrival.

  • If the sub answers our call and provides us with their expected time of arrival, we will ask them to call the school and provide the estimated time of arrival. Support will also contact you to provide an update.
  • If the sub does not answer, we will reach out to you to understand your needs for the day. We can either reissue the request on your behalf or cancel the request. If you request a cancellation,  you will not incur a cancellation penalty.
  • If the sub is running late, we ask that when they arrive, record their time of arrival on therequest page. You can do so by clicking the same "Report an Issue" button on the platform, clicking the late button, and recording the time. This allows us to track the sub's reliability. If it becomes an ongoing issue, we may remove the sub from the platform. 
  • If the sub arrives 15 minutes late or more, you can cancel the request and we will not penalize you. 

Important: We take sub reliability very seriously. By using the platform to report your issue, it helps us track and monitor our subs’ reliability. Poor reliability can lead to removal from the platform.