How To Register and Sign-Up For The CBEST

Most subs meet the Basic Skills Requirement for the California 30 Day Emergency Sub Permit by taking the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST).

It is a three-part test which consists of 50 multiple-choice Math questions, 50 multiple-choice English questions, and two essays for the Writing section. Click here to see our top tips for the CBEST!

There are five main steps you need to complete to fully Sign-Up for the CBEST. 

  • I. Log-In
  • II. Register
  • III. Review Cart / Payment
  • IV. Next Steps / Scheduling Test
  • V. Final Check-out

This article will walk you through the fives steps.

I. Log-In

1. Go to and click “Register Now” button

2. If you already have an account, Sign In by entering your email address and password.  If you don’t have an account click on “Create an account now” and continue on to create an account. 

II. Registering for the Test

1) Identity Confirmation

Confirm you are the person who will be taking the test by checking the box next to the statement “I am the person who will be taking the test” and clicking “Next”

2) Program Selection

Check the box next to the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and click “Next”

3) Test Selection

We highly recommend taking the computer-based test as there are more testing dates, times, and locations.  Be sure to select “Add” all three sections: CBEST Mathematics Section, CBEST Reading Section, and CBEST Writing Sections before clicking the “Next” button


4) Alternative Testing Arrangements

Most testers do not need alternative testing arrangements. If you know you do not need alternative testing arrangements, click “No, I do not plan to request alternative testing arrangements” and click the “Next” button. If you think you may need alternative arrangements, please click the links they provide and read their guidelines before choosing yes.

5) Test Date and Location

This page is letting you know that you have a year to schedule your test from the time you register.  You just need to click on the “Next” button.

6) Score Reporting Options

You did not need to choose an “Institution to Receive Test Results” from the drop-down menu.  You can simply click the “Next” button to continue.

On the following page, we recommend selecting “Yes” to have your test results mailed to you.

7) Background Questionaire

The only question that is required for you to answer is “What is your race or ethnicity?”  You can choose to answer the other background questions or you may just continue to click “Next” without answering.  Please note there are about 10 pages of background questions.

8) Review Registration

Review your registration responses and click “Add to Cart” at the bottom of the page when you are ready to register.

III. Review Cart / Payment

Review your cart and click the "Check Out" button.

1) Agreement

Review the testing agreements by clicking the box next to “I acknowledged” and clicking the “Next” button.

2) Payment

Read the Withdrawal/Refund Policy for Computer-Based Testing and check the box next to “I acknowledge…” if you agree with the statement.  Then enter your payment information and click the “Next" button.

3) Review Order

Review your information and click “Submit Order” button.

IV. Next Steps / Scheduling Your Test

1) Click on the link that says “Schedule Your Test”


2) Click on the link that says “Schedule”


3) Click on “CA-RMW: CBEST Reading, Mathematics, Writing"


4) Click the light blue “Schedule This Exam” button


5) Test Center Search: Type in your city or zip code and push “Search”.  Then, click on up to 3 Testing Centers and click the “Next” button.  You can see more testing centers by clicking “Display more testing centers...”


6) Select Date and Time: Choose the location and date that is most convenient for you by clicking on the dates in the calendar that are open and then click the blue box that contains the available time that you desire.  You can always go back by clicking “Change Test Centers”.


7) Review your order and click on "Proceed to Checkout" button.


V. Final Check-Out

1) Confirm Personal Information

Review your information. Your name must exactly match the identification that is presented at the test center or you will not be able to take your exam.  Click on "Update my information" if you need to change your name.  If your information is correct then click the “Next” button.


2) Agree to Policies

Read the policies and if you agree, check the box next to "I have read and agree to the Evaluation Systems policies listed above.” then click the “Next” button.


3) Submit Order

Review and click the “Submit Order” button.


4) Summary

Congratulations, you finished registering for the CBEST!  We recommend you print out this page for your records and to check your email for the confirmation.