Introducing the New Swing Admin Site

The Swing Admin site is getting a new look!  

Swing Admin Features

In the new Swing admin sight, you can: 

You'll also have the option to:

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Viewing Active Requests & Commitments

From the Active Requests page, you can then view a requests that you have active on your Swing admin account. 

View Sub Requests 

Under "Active Requests," you'll be able to view the details of your existing subrequest by clicking on the "View" button on your admin account page. 

Here, you'll be able to browse all the sub request details on your account.

You will also have the sub info listed on the right-hand side:

Cancel Sub Requests

To cancel a sub, you can do so from the "Active Requests" page. 

You will also be able to cancel a sub request when browsing the sub request details.

Please be aware that canceling at the last minute may result in the school being charged a fee. You can review our cancelation policy here for more info: What is the Policy for Cancellations? 

How to Edit Sub Requests

Requests can be edited through the "Active Requests" page. First, find the sub request you wish to view.  Once you're on the request you wish to edit, you can press the edit button to make any changes to your sub request. 

From the edit page, you can change a sub requests. Please note, you can currently edit the following: 

  • The Notes to Sub
  • Internal Code
  • And the Contact Number

You will also be able to Request Edits to: 

  • Remove sub dates
  • Extend your sub request
  • and change the hours listed on the sub request.

For further questions on submitting an edit, you can reach out to us via our live chat, email at, or by messaging our help center at


Viewing Past Sub Requests 

To view your past requests, click on “Past Requests” on the Swing website. Here, you can browse previously submitted sub-requests. 

How do I Give Feedback for a Sub Request?

Once a request is complete, you'll be able to add feedback to your sub request in your Past Requests.

You'll see the prompt pop up where you can note whether you had a Positive, Neurtral, or Negative experience with a sub and can share additional details in the notes section. 

How do I Report an Issue Regarding My Sub Request?

To report an issue with one of our Swing Subs, go and "View" the request you wish to see. From the sub request details, you'll see the option to both "Report An Issue" and "Give Feedback" under the sub's info. 

From form, you should be able to report which day a sub Arrived Late, were Late From Lunch, Left Early, or if they were a No Show. 

How do I Export a Copy of my Past Requests?

In the "Past Requests" tab, you can press the "Export to CSV" file to download a copy of the past requests. This may take a few minutes to process if you have many sub requests. 

Issuing New Sub Requests 

You can press the "Request a Sub" menu on your Swing Admin account to issue a new sub request.

Here you'll be able to create a request and modify the following:

  • Dates
  • Start and End Times
  • Teacher 
  • Grade Level 
  • Subject 
  • Internal Code (For organizations that have an invoice and budget reconciliation) 
  • Permit Requirements 
  • Indicate if Lesson Plans are provided 

How do I Add Notes to My Sub Request?

You can add notes by going into the sub request and pressing "Notes to Sub" to add your additional comments for this request.