Quick Start Guide on How To Use The Swing Schools App

How to Use the Admin App 

From the app you can: 

  • Request a substitute teacher
  • Edit a request
  • Cancel a request
  • And more 

You can get started now with the guide below. 

Where Can I Download The App? 

Viewing New Requests & Commitments

How to View Active Requests:

Log in to the app, and you will be taken to the home screen. You automatically open the Active Requests page. You can then view a request by selecting the view request button: 

View Requests (view).jpg

There, you will be able to see the dates, location, and details of your issued sub request: 


How to View Past Requests:

To view your past requests, tap “Past” at the bottom of the Swing app. Here, you can browse previously submitted sub-requests. 

Past Requests Pika.png

 How do I Find the Rest of my Past Requests?

On the bottom of the screen, you can browse through the pages of your past request by clicking on the page number or pressing "Next" on the Swing admin app. 

pages of past requests.png


How Do I Request A Substitute Teacher?

You can press the "Request" button on your Swing Admin account to issue a new sub request.

issue a request pixa.png

Here you'll be able to create a request and modify the following:

  • Dates
  • Start and End Times
  • Teacher 
  • Grade level 
  • Subject 
  • Internal Code (For organizations that have invoice and budget reconciliation) 
  • Permit Requirements 
  • Indicate if Lesson Plans are provided 

How do I Add Notes to My Sub Request?

You can add notes by going into the sub request and pressing "Notes to Sub" to add your additional comments for this request.


How Do I Edit a Request?

First, find the request you would like to edit and select "View" in the sub request: 

View Requests (view).jpg


From there, click the "Edit" button to make edits to the request. 

pika edit success.png

Please note, you can currently edit the following: 

  • The Notes to Sub
  • Internal Code
  • And the Contact Number

Edit Request Pixa.png

Please then press the "Submit Edit" button to get your edit submitted. You should see a green "Success" message once you're done.

pika edit success.png


What if I need Additional Edits?

Please check the "I have additional edits" box and submit your additional edit requests. This will send a message to the Swing Admin Support team to make those edits to your request. Our team will make these edits within the next few hours during our business hours after it's been submitted. Our Swing Support hours are from 7 am to 4 pm PST, Monday to Friday. 


pika-additional edits (1).png

How Do I Cancel a Request? 

Step 1: Select the request you wish to cancel then press the cancel button

Cancel request (step 1).png


Step 2: Please note the reason for the cancelation:

Cancel request pika.jpg

You will then be asked to confirm your cancellation. Once a request is canceled, a sub will no longer be able to accept or continue the request:

pika-cancel confirmation.png

Please note that any last-minute cancelation will result in a last-minute cancelation penalty. You can review our cancelation policy here: What is the Policy for Cancellations?


How do I Request Swing Support in the App? 

You can reach Swing Admin Support by clicking on the More button on the Swing Admin App. From there, you can access a link to our "Help Center" as shown here: