Why Are My Requests Not Being Filled?

Are you finding that some of your requests are going unfilled?

Swing is constantly growing our pool of subs with the hopes that we can fill all the requests issued by our schools. Here are some strategies that might help you boost your fill rate: 

  1. Issue requests in advance: Generally, requests that are issued further in advance will be seen by more subs and are more likely to be filled. Likewise, requests issued on the same day or the night before aren't likely to be seen by many subs.
  2. Increase pay: Subs are able to see the pay rate for your request and compare it against other requests on our platform. If your school is paying significantly less than the average, your requests will be less attractive to subs.
  3. Request a Specific Sub: If you have a sub that you really like, talk to them about subbing again. A sub that's specifically requested for an assignment is much more likely to accept the request. Just make sure to issue these types of requests in advance!
  4. Issue non-credentialed requests: If your school allows non-credentialed subs, toggling off the "credential required" box will allow a larger pool of subs to see your request.
  5. Provide Parking: While this might seem small, subs are much more likely to come to your school if they know where to park their car. It can be very stressful to arrive at a location for the first time and not know where to park. 
  6. Be friendly: Subs are much more likely to return when they feel appreciated and supported. Greeting the sub with a smile or checking in on them can really make a big difference. 
  7. Leave feedback: Subs will be notified of positive feedback that you leave. Helping them feel appreciated, will make them feel welcome back at your school.