What if a School Wants to Change my Request!

Sometimes the needs of a school can change. They might need you to stay late or sub for an extra day. In these situations, we ask that you remain flexible and follow the following guidelines:



1099 Swing Sub

The change needs to officially be on the Swing platform.

This is very important. If you accept a request that isn't in our system, we might have trouble paying you! Please expect delays in your payment.

Pay Rates

Requests less than 4 hours are paid at the half-day rate, while requests over 4 hours are paid at the full-day rate.

The school made some big changes to the request!


Our schools can make any changes to the request anytime up until 24 hours of the start time without penalty. 

You are not obligated to accept any changes.

You have the option to respectfully decline the changes requested by the school and find a new request.

If the changes are within 24 hours, you can politely decline and wait for the admin to cancel, or they will have you work the original agreed upon request. 

If you decline the changes and the request has not been canceled on the platform, then please reach out to support so that they can assist you.