What if a School Wants to Change my Request!

Sometimes the needs of a school can change. They might need you to stay late or sub for an extra day. In these situations, we ask that you remain flexible and follow the following guidelines:

  • The change needs to officially be on the Swing platform. This is very important. If you accept a request that isn't in our system, we might have trouble paying you!
  • Our system default only recognizes two pay rates: Requests less than 4 hours are paid at the half-day rate, while requests over 4 hours are paid at the full-day rate.
  • It's good to be flexible with schools! Schools sometimes really need the extra hand. Even if you're not getting paid more, the school will really appreciate your help.
  • The school made some big changes to the request! Our schools can make any changes to the request anytime up until 24 hours of the start time without penalty. 
  • You aren't obligated to accept any changes. You have the option to respectfully decline the changes requested by the school and find a new request.
    • If the changes are within 24 hours, you can politely decline and wait for the admin to cancel, or they will have you work the original agreed upon request. 
  • If you're happy and the school is happy, then Swing is happy! In the end, we're happy to accommodate any agreement that makes both you and the school happy.