A school wants to change the request!

Sometimes the needs of a school can change. They might need you to stay late or sub for an extra day. In these situations, we ask that you remain flexible and follow the following guidelines:

  • The change needs to officially be on the Swing platform. This is very important. If you accept a request that isn't in our system, we might have trouble paying you!
  • Our system default only recognizes two pay rates: Requests less than 4 hours are paid at the half-day rate, while requests over 4 hours are paid at the full-day rate.
  • It's good to be flexible with schools! Schools sometimes really need the extra hand. Even if you're not getting paid more, the school will really appreciate your help.
  • The school made some big changes to the request! Our schools can make any changes to the request anytime up until 24 hours of the start time without penalty. 
  • You aren't obligated to accept any changes. You have the option to respectfully decline the changes requested by the school and find a new request.
    • If the changes are within 24 hours, you can politely decline and wait for the admin to cancel, or they will have you work the original agreed upon request. 
  • If you're happy and the school is happy, then Swing is happy! In the end, we're happy to accommodate any agreement that makes both you and the school happy.


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    Shanti Provasoli

    I’d like to work the long term concord job starting on Monday, and i have commitments on Monday and Tuesday.
    I’d like to cancel these two so i can work concord. Thank you

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    Paulette McMurray

    Need follow-up support
    I was confirmed for a Para at Ravensworth Brentwood Academy an where. I reported in the logo during staff gold me that I was not k. their system. There HR asked I report Ravensworth Middle School. When I reported in to the middle school I was told that in their subshztdm listing djther

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    Bonita Boyce

    I was confirmed to sub at Roseville Community Charter School for three days late week. On Friday the principal at the school asked me and two other ladies to come back to work on Monday which is today October ,1st . This morning we did our regular routine signed into work and I was working in a class when I was told to come to the principal's office and I was told that they did not put the request in for this week and I need to go home. My question is do I still get paid for today even though the error was on the school part and not mines. I should not be penalized for their mistake because I could have worked somewhere else

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    Frank Torrano

    If a school lists a job for 7 days, and they change it to 3 after you accept the position can they stop it sooner? Do they have to honor the complete commitment?


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    Chelsea Booth

    I had a commitment canceled. It should go through June and I would like to still work with the school. The feedback left said that it sounds like I won’t want to return but this is false.

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