Requesting a Long Term sub

What is a long-term request?

A long-term request is any request 16 working days or more, except for our Texas partners, for whom long term requests start at 30 working days. 

Long-term requests are different from normal requests in a few ways:

  1. Long-term requests have an automatic waitlist feature, which only allows interested subs to sign up for that waitlist and not automatically be assigned. This allows you to be able to review, interview, and choose the perfect fit for your needs. 
  2. All long-term requests are automatically submitted for review by our team before being released to the sub-pool.  The review process can take up to 24 hours, and once complete; the request waitlist will then be open. 
  3. When submitting a long-term request, we ask that you enter all needed edits in the box provided. We will make any necessary changes during the review process. This may include holidays, short days, or days you have covered internally. 

How do I submit a long-term request? 

The Swing platform automatically recognizes requests that are longer than 21 calendar days, which makes issuing long-term requests easy. Select your start and end dates, and a box will appear requesting any necessary edits.

Include - Hours for each day, Holidays, Minimum Days, School breaks to eliminate, etc.  Any important info to note, so the request is made the most accurate. 


How will I know when my request is no longer under review?

Once it has been released, it will no longer say "Pending Swing Review" on the request page.