Requesting a Long Term sub

What is a long term request?

Typically a request is considered to be long term if it is more than 21 calendar days, though this may vary by school and is subject to change.  All requests must be submitted and reviewed for changes prior to being released to the sub-pool. 

How do I submit a long term request? 

You will submit a long term request, in the same manner, you would a multiday request. The only difference is, once you select at least 21 calendar days, you will be able to input any needed changes in the text box that populates. Please included any days the school will be closed or holidays that will be observed in the text box to ensure correct payment to the sub, and invoicing to the school.


How will I know when my request is no longer under review?

Your request will be released to the sub pool within 24 hours of its submission.  Once it has been released, it will no longer say "Pending Swing Review" on the request page.


Please note, our long term coordinator will be reaching out to help assist in filling your request or feel free to reach out to support here with any questions or concerns.