Substitute permit overview (California)

If you're a Swing Sub in California, getting a sub permit is a great idea! You'll be able to see way more requests and you'll be more desirable to schools. Swing will reimburse you for all the fees associated with getting your permit, so why wait?


I've applied for my permit, now what?

That's awesome! You should have been notified by the agency that you applied with an estimated processing time and status of your application.

Once you’ve been approved and have obtained your permit, please forward one of the three options to

  1. The confirmation of approval email
  2. Digital certificate
  3. The document number

We can then update your SwingSub profile to reflect your certification so that you can receive more job opportunities :)

How do I renew my permit?

It's very simple to renew your permit! All you need to do is check out this website from the CTC - it has more information on how to renew it online, which should be processed within two weeks. 

Swing will also reimburse you for your permit renewal! Just fill out our reimbursement form here. We'll be able to process the reimbursement thereafter. 

Once you obtain your new permit from the CTC, please fill out this form so that we can update your account. 

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