Swing School Partner Maps

How can I add more areas to teach?

All of our subs are linked to distinct areas that we refer to as "locations."  You will only see requests from the partners within the areas you select. Within these maps, there will be 'locations' listed on the left column. 

*Check out our TikTok that explains how to use the maps!

Our current states are:



When do you select your locations?

You can select your regions when you are setting up your account as a Swing Sub. After you are onboarded to the platform, you can make changes in your account settings. Here's our TikTok that explains how!

What if I want to be unlinked from cities within a location?

At this time, we can only link and unlink you from the entire location and are unable to filter out specific cities.

Can you filter out certain request types within my linked locations?

We are unable to filter requests at this time, we ask that you simply ignore those requests and only pick up those requests that work for you.  

Can I be linked to other states?

Since each state has its own requirements, you cannot be linked outside of your account's current state.  

I don't see many school partners in my area. When will you be adding more?

We are always adding new partners in every location. As we add new partners, you will automatically start to see their requests.