Swing School Partner Region Maps

Being a Swing Sub means you are linked to our school partners within the areas that are most convenient to you!

All of our subs are linked to distinct areas which we reference as "regions". You will only see requests from partners from within the areas you are linked to.

Our current regions are:

Note: Please be as specific as possible, using the names of the regions (circled in blue below) to let us know which areas to add/remove from your account.

Also, you can use the search bar to search for specific areas! 



When do you select your regions?

You can select your regions when you first start the setup process as a Swing Sub. Once you are setup, you can submit a request here with the exact regions you wish to be linked to! Please be as specific as possible, 

What if I want to be unlinked from cities within a region?

We are unable to unlink you from whole cities within a region, however, if there are certain schools you no longer wish to pick a request for you can let us know here.

Can you filter out certain request types within my linked regions?

We are unable to filter requests by type at this time, we ask that you simply ignore those requests and only pick up those requests that work for you.