What Do I Do If I'm Running Late?

No matter your reason for being late, your first step is to call the school!

  • The phone number of the school administrator will be on the request page.
  • Try to call them as soon as you know you'll be late.
  • Be HONEST about how long it will take for you to arrive. 
  • Keep in mind most schools would rather have you arrive late than not at all! Before canceling, try and reach the admin to see what they would prefer. 

If you cannot reach the admin by phone: Send an email.

  • Admins are very busy and can't always answer the phone so a follow-up email is always best.
  • If the email is not listed on the request page, submit a request and ask us to forward your email to the admin.
  • Be HONEST about how long it will take for you to arrive. 

Some schools will be very understanding, but you can expect that they won't be very happy. At Swing, we understand that unexpected delays can happen. If you're late, the admin has the choice to let us know, and a flag will be placed on your sub-account.

Please note: Not contacting the school can result in the admin canceling the request assuming you are not going to arrive. They may also mark you a no show, which hurts your status with Swing. Lastly, you may be blocked from picking up requests at that school again, which means fewer chances of securing an assignment. 

Please try your best to be on time and always verify your arrival time the night before.