I'm running late!

You're on your way to work when suddenly you hit heavy traffic. You're supposed to be at the school in 10 minutes but you know it'll take at least half an hour. If you ever find yourself in this situation, there's one thing you should do:

Call the School!

  • The phone number of the school administrator will be on the request page.
  • Try to call them as soon as you know you'll be late.
  • Let them know what time you expect to arrive.

Some schools will be very understanding, but you can expect that they won't be very happy. At Swing, we understand that unexpected delays can happen. If you're late once or twice, we'll trust that you're trying your best.  

If you're consistently late or if a school complains about it, you'll be penalized. The school might cancel your request if they assume you are a no-show or ask that you not return. Your Star Sub status might drop. We're hoping this won't happen to you, so please try your best to be on time and always verify your arrival time the night before.  

If you can't get through to the school, email support@swingeducation.com or call/text (650) 413-9268 and we'll get in touch with the school. 

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