Star Subs

As a Swing Substitute, you have the chance to become a Star sub!

Swing Star subs:

  • Arrive on time and ready to teach
  • Never no show
  • Rarely cancel last minute
  • Represent Swing with the utmost professionalism, and strive to put their best foot forward in each assignment
  • Receive positive feedback, and become a preferred sub for lots of schools partners

Benefits of being a Star Sub:

Swing Education gives extra benefits to our most reliable substitutes such as:

  • A “Star Sub” icon visible to schools on your substitute profile
  • Priority for filling long-term requests
  • Priority for assignments with new school partners
  • Recognized in special promotions and giveaways!
  • Access to requests first, as requests are sent in waves starting with our very best!  

How can I see my status?

  • If you are a Star sub, this will show on your profile with a star on the right-hand side under "credentials". 
  • If you do not see it, then you are likely on your way to becoming a Star. Keep working assignments and put your best foot forward!

How to become a Star Sub:



  • Don’t no show! No-shows strain school resources and negatively affect your status.
  • Don’t cancel at the last minute! Make sure you’re mindful of what you sign up for and don’t cancel 24 hours before the assignment starts.

How are Swing Substitutes Classified?

    • Star Sub: You are among our most reliable and most frequently requested substitutes at Swing!
    • Rising Star: All Swing substitutes start out here. You may have a few last-minute cancellations or no-shows recently, but you’re on your way to becoming a star sub!
    • Other: Any subs who have multiple no shows, lates, negative feedbacks or other flags on their account are in danger of being suspended. We will reach out via email if you are in that danger zone.

Please note that we take any negative events seriously, and will not remove any flags off of your account without adequate reasoning to do so. If you have questions, contact Support here.