Substitute feedback

If you have feedback (positive or negative) about a substitute teacher, you can submit that feedback directly on the request page after the substitute’s assignment has ended or has been cancelled.

If the request you'd like to submit feedback on is more than 2 weeks old, please email

Positive Feedback:

  • Type your feedback into the text box on the request page.
  • Click "positive" when rating your experience.
  • Click the box that indicates if you'd like to add sub to your list of "favorites."
  • Your positive feedback will also be sent to the substitute so that they know that you appreciate them!


Negative Feedback:

  • Type your feedback in the text box on the request page.
  • Click "negative" when rating your experience.
  • Check the box to "unlink" the sub from your school.
  • Select the reason for unlinking the substitute.
  • Submit your feedback.


Here are some of the reasons you might have negative feedback about a substitute:

  • Repeatedly late
  • Cancels at the last minute
  • Doesn't show up to school
  • Lacks classroom management skills
  • Struggles to follow lesson plans
  • Unprofessional dress or attitude
  • Unprofessional conduct toward students
  • Abandons students or leaves campus without permission

When a Swing substitute receives negative feedback, we follow up with specific coaching that will help the substitute improve moving forward. We maintain record of all feedback to help us determine what type of coaching a substitute needs and if removal from the Swing platform is warranted. 

Cancelled Request Feedback: If you would like to leave feedback for a request that was cancelled, you can do so on the request page in the same manner as above. 


Once you have submitted your feedback you will see it posted on the request page. Please note that the substitute will not be able to see the feedback, and will receive any feedback directly from our Talent team. 


Urgent Needs: If you have a situation with a substitute that requires urgent attention, please call or email Swing Support: 650-413-9268,


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