Leaving a Sub Positive Feedback

If you have feedback (positive or negative) about a substitute teacher, you can submit that feedback directly on the request page after the substitute’s assignment has ended or has been canceled.

Positive Feedback:

  1. Type your feedback into the text box on the request page.
  2. Click "positive" when rating your experience.
  3. "Add to favorites" toggle will add them to your favorites list for future requests.
  4. Submit your feedback.
  5. Your positive feedback will be displayed on the sub profile as a badge of honor for the sub!


Want to leave negative feedback, find more information hereIf you have a situation with a substitute that requires urgent attention, please call Swing Support: 650-413-9268 or email us here.

Canceled Request Feedback: If you would like to leave feedback for a request that was canceled, you can do so on the request page in the same manner as above. 

If the request you'd like to submit feedback on is more than 2 weeks old, please let us know here.