Requesting a specific substitute

If you've issued a request before, you've probably already noticed this menu at the bottom of the request form:


  1. Click on the "Select subs +" button 
  2. Type in the name of the sub you want 
  3. Make sure to click on "Select #" button highlighted in teal to save your selected sub choices 


Note: Favorited Subs will populate at the top of the list under "My Favorites" and the general pool will populate under "All Subs".

The requested sub will be notified via SMS. If they don't respond within time frame (2 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours) requested, the rest of our sub pool will be notified.


 Important FAQs

  • Why did someone else accept your request? This can happen if your requested sub does not respond within time frame. At that point we issue the request to the broader pool to help make sure it gets filled.
  • If you have the "Credential or Permit Required?" box checked, only permitted subs will appear on the list.
  • Issuing a request with a specific sub less than 24 hours before its start time means that ONLY the specific sub will see it:


  • Contacting the requested sub directly to confirm that they are available is a great idea!
  • If you know the requested sub can't make it, and your request starts soon, email  us here and we'll notify the rest of the pool.
  • The requested sub will know you're requesting them because "You've been requested" will appear on their SMS notification.