How Can I Get a Copy of my New Jersey Teaching or Substitute Credential?

To get a copy of your New Jersey Credential, you will need an NJEdCert account. If you don’t have one, follow the instructions under “Create your NJEdCert account” in this article.

If you do have one, you can skip straight to the How Can I Get a Copy of My Credential? section.


Create your NJEdCert account

Step 1

Visit the New Jersey Educator Certification home page. If you do not already have an account, click “Create Account”

Note: If you begin creating an account and you happen to have one already, the system will recognize your information and alert you to your existing account.

Ch1.Step1.New Jersey Educator Certification


Step 2

Complete the form. Fill out all parts and ensure they are correct, including name, email address, date of birth, and SSN.


Step 3

If you already have an account, NJEdCert will inform you here. If this is the case, follow the steps to log in with your existing account. If NJEdCert is unable to locate a previous account, it will tell you so here. It will ask for any previous names in case you want to double check, but you may skip this step and create a new account by clicking “Continue”


Step 4

Once you have created your new account, a “Success!” message will appear. Check your email for further instructions from NJEdCert. It will come from


Step 5

Click on the hyperlink within the email to create your password.



Step 6

You will be taken to your NJEdCert account and be prompted to setup your profile. Fill out your information (name, SSN, email, phone, and address) and continue onto the next screen.


Step 7

Answer the questions on the next screen and click “Continue,”


Step 8

Answer the question noting whether or not you have completed the Language Proficiency Exam for Language Testing International (LTI). Note: This is NOT a requirement for a Substitute Credential.

  • If you have not completed it, respond “No.” Click “Continue.”
  • If you have completed it, respond “Yes.” Click “Continue” and answer any additional questions.


Step 9

If you have an ETS Praxis Candidate ID, enter your ID number. Note: This ID is NOT required for a Substitute Credential. You may leave this field blank if you do not have this type of ID.


Step 10

You should see a screen reading “Success!” and noting that you have completed registration. Click “Continue,” and then follow the guidelines to create your password.


How Can I Get a Copy of My Credential?

Step 1

​​Navigate to the “My Certifications” page of the NJEdCert Portal.

Step 2

Click on the License number (in blue) of the credential you would like to submit. This will open license details in a new page.

Step 3

Click Printable View:


Step 4

Save the page as a PDF to your computer and upload the file to your Swing account. When uploading to Swing, it is important that the file has your name, license type and endorsement title, the license status, and any expiration and issue dates.


Reach out to Swing Support it you have any further questions!