WorkBright Step-by-Step

How to Complete Your I-9 Info With WorkBright

WorkBright is Swing's alternative I-9 verification system that will be rolling out to a few select subs. We'll be rolling this update to our CA subs in the future. There are two sections:

1. Starting your Step 1 for i9

2. Remote Verification


Step 1: Look out for a WorkBright Message in Your Email

Click on the "Click here to sign in" link in order to create your WorkBright account. 



Step 2: Fill out Profile Info

Once you're done signing in and creating a new password, please continue and fill in your account info.



Step 3: Start I-9 form

Click the "Start" button to move forward with your I-9 form submission. 



Step 4: Your Personal Info will already be uploaded into I-9 Form

You'll have the option to include, edit, or exclude (for email and phone number) any info automatically added to your I-9 form.



Step 5: Complete Citizenship status info

Next, please select the appropriate status option on your I-9 form. Once you're done, click the "Next" button to move forward.



Step 6: Provide proof of Citizenship Status

You can either provide one document from List A or a combination of documents from Lists B & C.

List A includes the option to provide a US Passport or US Passport Card.


If you select "List B & C," you'll have an array of options to choose from. 


You can select these options by clicking on the documents you have available that you'd like to provide. They'll turn green when selected. 



 Step 7: Upload Files and Documents 

On the next page, you'll be able to upload images of the documents you selected and provide the document title and issuing authority. Please refer to the state agency that issued your documentation for reference.

For example, if you're submitting your driver's license from California, please write "California DMV" for Issuing Authority. 


You will also have the option to remove any incorrect images by clicking the "Remove" image button.


Click on next when all your documents have been uploaded. 

Step 8: Preparer & Translator Certification

Please indicate whether the form was completed with the assistance of a preparer or translator. If not, please select "No" and click on Next to move on to the next step. If so, please select "Yes" and fill out the form as shown below:




Step 9: Sign off on this section of your I-9 Document:

You'll then be asked to virtually consent to the validity of the I-9 info you provided. Click on "Finish" once you're done. 



Step 10: Remote Verification:

Next, choose someone to review (in person) the work authorization documents you uploaded.


After you click on "Begin Now" you'll need to verify or share your location. 


You will then need to add the phone number of the individual you selected to be your remote verifier:


Once you select the "Send Text Message" button, the individual you selected will receive a text to start the remote verification process:



Steps for Remote Verification:

These are the steps your remote verifier will have to take to verify and approve your I-9 documents.

  Step 1: Share your location

WorkBright will need to verify that your remote verifier and you are both within the same vicinity. This is to prove that your remote verifier can verify your identity matches the documents you submitted. 



Step 2: Complete in Person Review

Your remote verifier will need to verify their identification by including their full name and confirming who they are by checking the "Under penalty of perjury..." box. 



Step 3: Confirm if the documents match the person requesting an I-9 verification

WorkBright will present the documents the remote verifier will need to review to see if they match. The remote verifier will be able to select whether the documents do or do not match on the bottom right-hand side. 



Step 4: Sign Off On Remote Verification:

Once the remote verifier is able to confirm the documents match, they will be prompted to sign off on their review. 



Step 5: Once Verification is complete, the Swing Team will begin the E-Verification Process



What is Next?

Subs who submit their I-9 forms will be able to review their I-9 documents via their WorkBright account. 

Our team will review your I-9 submission on the morning of your ADP Setup.

Please keep an eye out for an email from our ADP Setup team on the day of your ADP Setup. Sometimes it can get lost in the spam or trash folder. If you notice you still haven't received it, please reach out to us an hour before ADP Setup starts so that we can resend it!