Vaccination Attestation (Requesting Reasonable Accommodations)- Step by Step Guide

How to Request Reasonable Accommodations for Vaccination Attestation

This guide is for subs who have not completed a full series of a COVID-19 vaccine and wish to request reasonable accommodations to continue their onboarding process with Swing. Subs have the option to request either a religious exemption or a medical exemption for the COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation form. 

Please remember to read through the form as you fill it out. 

Requesting a Reasonable Exemption

1. To get started, click on the Review and Sign button:


2. On page 2 of the Hellosign, select the appropriate link based on your accommodation needs by clicking on the blue "this form" link.

This can be for either a religious belief or medical exemption. 

requesting medical exemption.png


3. You'll see a prompt asking if you would like to continue to the google doc form for your exemption request. Please select continue:



4. From there, download by going to File -> Download -> PDF Document (.pdf) to download the doc to your computer to fill it out. Feel free to rename the document so that you remember the file.


If you're having trouble downloading the form, please refer to Google Doc's how to article.


How To Fill Out The PDF Form: 

You can fill out the form in one of 3 ways:

1. On a Mac: You can fill out the form using Preview

2. On PC: You can fill out the form using Adobe Acrobat

3. You can print the PDF from Google Docs directly. Fill out the pdf, scan, then upload the image to your computer


The Religious Exemption doc is shown here as an example: 



5. Afterwards, return to the Vaccination Attestation Hellosign doc. Select “I am Requesting Reasonable Accommodation(s) from the drop-down menu on page 3 of the form. 



6. Complete section (B) with your information.

exemption request.png


7. From there, we'll ask you to scroll down and sign off your name, date, and email at the bottom of the page. 


 It will look like this when it's complete: 

8. When you complete the form, click "Continue" at the top right corner of the page.


9. This will take you to the "Attachments" page of the Hellosign doc. Click on the "Upload" button in the box labeled "Fully Vaccinated Proof OR Reasonable Accommodation(s) Request."


9. Select your documentation from your computer and click "Open" to attach it to the Hellosign doc. Please ensure you have selected your "Reasonable Exemption" and not the template you initially downloaded. 


10. Once your documentation is attached, a green bar will appear at the bottom of the "Fully Vaccinated Proof OR Reasonable Accommodation(s) Request" box

11. Click "Next" in the top right corner of the screen


12. This will bring you to the review page- review your document, then click "I agree" in the top right corner to agree to the Terms of Service and submit your document.


The last page is the "Confirmation Page," as shown above. You will receive a copy of the Hellosign document in your email. Our Swing Education team will reach out with any updates!



What is the COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation?

Our COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation is required of all SwingSubs in states with vaccine mandates, as well as in states where most or all of our school partners have vaccine mandates. As of this writing, these states are CA, IL, NY, & DC, but this may change based on relevant regulatory and school partner policy changes. Our COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation allows SwingSubs to provide Swing with proof of vaccination OR request a reasonable accommodation for an exemption from our COVID-19 vaccination policy for a medical reason or a sincerely held religious belief.

Reach out to Swing Support if you have any other questions!