How do I resign from Swing? (W2's)

Note: this article pertains only to SwingSubs employed as W-2 employees of Swing Education.


We'd be sorry to see you go, but we understand there may be circumstances which prevent you from working with Swing Education in the future.   If you decide to terminate your employment with Swing, please contact us saying you intend to resign with the date of your resignation. For example:


I, [name], am writing to inform Swing Education of my intention to resign from substitute teaching with Swing. Please accept this notice of resignation effective mm/dd/yy. 





Why do I need to send a resignation letter?

Swing needs to know your intention to resign so we can provide you with the required documentation such as unemployment information. 


What happens after I submit a resignation letter?

Swing will close your account and you will no longer receive teaching requests or be able to access your account on the Swing platform. You will also receive documentation from Swing's HR team pertaining to unemployment and other topics related to separating from Swing. 


Will I be able to access my ADP account and my pay stubs?

Yes, you will be able to access your ADP account for the purposes of accessing pay stubs and year-end tax forms.


What if I don't submit a resignation letter?

If you do not submit a resignation letter, and you no longer accept teaching requests on the Swing platform, Swing will consider inactivity a constructive quit and will terminate your employment. 


What if I want to return to Swing in the future?

If you wish to reapply to Swing in the future, you may contact us.