FAQs: How Many Days Do I Need to Work?


Note: this article pertains only to California SwingSubs.


How many days do I need to work as a California SwingSub?

As of September 7, 2021, Swing requires all California SwingSubs to work a minimum of 7 days per month.


Why is Swing instituting this rule?

Swing strives to be the employer of choice with California substitute teachers and our goal is to provide you with dependable income and the flexibility to choose the schools, grades, subjects and days you work. 


There are costs associated with employing teachers as employees versus independent contractors. These costs include contributions to California State Disability Insurance and to worker’s compensation (EDD). We also cover the costs of payroll provider fees, costs for state mandated training like harassment prevention, and health and 401k costs for those who qualify. 


In order to continue hiring and maintaining an ongoing workforce of substitute teachers as employees, Swing needs teachers to work a certain number of days per month to cover the associated costs noted above.


Why does the rule apply to California SwingSubs?

Per state law, SwingSubs in California are hired as employees. Subs outside California work for Swing as independent contractors.


When will this rule be enforced?

Swing will expect you to work 7 days per month from September-December, and January-May to take into account winter and summer break. 


Where can I see how many days I’ve worked this month?

You can see how many days you’ve worked a couple of different ways.


  • Log into your ADP account and view your pay stub. Learn how.
  • View the weekly summary Swing emails to you. These summaries are sent by Monday for the prior week’s work. See example below.



Do I have to work exactly 7 days every month?


You do not need to work exactly 7 days each month. Rather, you need to work an average of at least 7 days per month over the course of each school term (September-December and January-May). 


Can I work a lot some months and work less other months?

Yes, you may work as much as you want in a given month and then work less the following month, as long as you average 7 days per month over each school term.  Please keep in mind that Swing’s mission is to provide uninterrupted learning for students, so we prefer that you work consistently each month. 


What if I am unable to teach for an extended period of time?

We understand that unforeseeable events may prevent you from working for a certain period of time, and abide by relevant California Leave laws. If you are ill or if you anticipate not being able to teach for an extended period of time, please contact us immediately at www.swingeducation.com/support. We also encourage you to review your Employee Handbook, which can be found in your ADP WorkforceNow® portal for details on our Leave policies. 


Do training days or sick days count as a day worked?

Training days and sick days do not count toward days worked. Only completed teaching requests count toward days worked.


Do half days count as a day worked? What if I work two half days in one day? 

Any assignment you complete will count as a day worked, whether it’s a half day or full day. Two half day assignments completed in the same day will count as two days worked.


What if I am sent home early?

If a school sends you home early, that still counts as a day worked, as long as you have not been sent home for misconduct.


What if I need to cancel a request?

If you cancel a request, it does not count as a day worked. Learn more.


What if a school cancels a request on me?

If a school cancels a request outside 24 hours of the start time, it will not count as a day worked. If a school cancels a request within 24 hours of the start time, it will count as a day worked.


What happens if I do not work an average of 7 days per month?

If you do not work an average of 7 days per month during any given school term, it can lead to termination if Swing’s review of your work history shows you have not been meeting the required minimum work days.  If you are unable to work for an extended period of time, please contact us immediately at www.swingeducation.com/support


What if there is not enough work in my area?

At times there may not be enough work in your area.  You will not be penalized if there are not enough teaching requests issued in your area.