What if a School Wants to Change My Request? (For SwingSub Employees)

Sometimes the needs of a school can change. They might need you to stay late or sub for an extra day. In these situations, we ask that you remain flexible and follow these guidelines:

As a W2 employee, you are paid hourly which means you will only be paid for hours worked.

  • If you are sent home early;
    • You may be entitled to report pay if you are sent home less than halfway through your scheduled day, Report Pay.
    • You may also ask the Admin if there is another class, school, or any duties you can fulfill so you have the opportunity to work all hours listed on the request for the day. 

Schools can make any changes to a request anytime up until 24 hours of the start time without penalty.

  • Always make sure any edits are updated on the request page and that you aren't accepting these changes verbally.
  • You have the option to respectfully decline the changes requested by the school and find a new request if the changes are within 24 hours.
    •  Wait for the admin to cancel, or reach out to support to communicate the cancellation.
      • Please do not cancel the request on your behalf, this will create a last-minute penalty on your account.
      • Do not enter the canceled day on your timesheet. You will be paid automatically for any payable penalties during Payroll processing. 

If you accept a request that isn't in our system and report the hours on your timesheet, we may end up underpaying you since we wouldn't know where you worked, which means we wouldn't how much to pay you. 

  • If a request isn't on the platform;
    • Ask the Admin to issue the request so you can accept it on the Swing platform.
    • Write into Support and provide us with all the details you have regarding the assignment along with who you spoke to and we will work with the school partner to get the request issued on the Swing platform. 
    • Review your account and your accepted requests for updates.
    • Each week, review the Weekly Summary email that is sent to you. This will allow you the opportunity to review your expected pay for the week and reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding payment or missing requests. 

If a school cancels a multi-day request you will be paid for all days worked during that time.  You won't see the request on your account under "Past Commitments" but be sure to input hours for days and hours worked to be paid.  You can always confirm with Support if you are concerned about payment.