Our Team's Top ADP Timesheet Tips



How to Enter Hours on Your ADP Timesheet



  • Make sure you are entering AM and PM (If you don’t put an “A” or a “P” after the time the system will automatically default to A.M.). 
  • Entering a “:” is not necessary (ie. 8:00 AM). You can simply type in 8 AM and the timesheet will correct the punch on your behalf. 
  • It is important to note that if you miss a punch, then the ADP system does not know the amount of time worked, and therefore will not pay you for those hours. The cell will be colored RED. Entering the punch will correct the error. 
  • Review and enter your time each day rather than waiting until the end of the pay period. Entering hours you did not actually work, is time fraud. Do not enter anything other than the hours you actually work, regardless of what the request page states. 
  • As a reminder, a 30-minute, uninterrupted, off-duty lunch break must be provided by your 5th hour of work. A second lunch break must be provided if you work more than 10 hours on any one day.
  • Your timesheet must be approved by 11:59 PM on the last Saturday of the pay period. It is okay if you forget, you will still be paid for the time you punched.
  • Your timesheet will be locked by 9 AM Monday morning. If you forgot to punch your hours for any previous weeks, you must reach out to us to process a manual timesheet. 

What does the red "i" mean on my ADP timesheet? 


    • Each penalty is 1 additional hour paid to you at the hourly rate for the day. It is unacceptable for you to not take your lunch break to purposely accumulate these penalties. 
    • It is your responsibility to advocate for yourself to ensure the school is providing a lunch break on time. Swing is not there to advocate on your behalf, so we expect you to ensure you are following this employment expectation. It is not acceptable to assume you will not be given a lunch break or that the school is too busy to provide one.


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