What Happens If I Am Sent Home Early From a Request?

There are new state regulations that SwingSub employees and Swing Education must follow. We have had to make some changes to our policies and procedures that are not applicable to our independent contractors as we are required to pay SwingSub employees by the hour.  

Employees will now receive “Reporting Time Pay” if the employee is sent home less than halfway through their scheduled day*. The “Reporting Time Pay” will be equivalent to half of their scheduled hour's pay. Employees will no longer receive the full-day pay for an assignment that has ended early**. 

*If you are scheduled to work 8 hours and are sent home at 4 hours, you will not be paid any additional hours. However, if you were sent home after 3 hours,  you would be paid 1 additional hour of Reporting Time Pay. 

This change was made to ensure that we are following standard employment practices and ensure consistency and fairness for all employees and schools. 


**Effective March 15th, 2021