What Happens If I Am Sent Home Early From a Request?

SwingSub employees will receive “Reporting Time Pay” if the employee is sent home less than halfway through a scheduled day. The “Reporting Time Pay” will be equivalent to half of their scheduled day’s work, but for no less than 2 hours and no more than 4 hours pay for that date.* 

Employees are required to punch the actual hours worked, even if sent home early. Adding additional hours that an employee did not work is prohibited. 

*As seen in the chart below, an employee who is scheduled to work 8 hours and is sent home after 4 hours will not be paid any additional hours. However, if an employee is sent home after 3 hours, that individual would be paid 1 additional hour of Reporting Time Pay. 

Scheduled Hours

When School Sends SwingSub Home

Additional Hours SwingSub is Paid

Scheduled to work 8 hours

School sends SwingSub home after working 4 hours or more


Scheduled to work 8 hours

School sends SwingSub home after 3 hours

SwingSub is paid 1 additional hour for the day (total of 4 hours).


This policy change was made in accordance with California state employment law. It ensures employees are paid consistently and fairly across the state. Please note: This policy applies only to California W-2 employees. It does not apply to SwingSubs outside California.

Employees who wish to may ask the school if they have any need in another classroom or school within the district to make up for the loss in available work.