Directions for Signing and Acknowledging Policies/Documents in ADP


How to Get Started Reviewing and Acknowledging the Policies/Documents:


1. Log into your ADP account using the credentials you created for Swing Education

2. Click on “Policies” in the “Quick Links” section on your ADP homepage. Alternatively, go to the “Resources” Tab > “Company Policies”. Please see images below to help guide you. 



3. Look for the “Status” column. If you already acknowledged a policy/document, there will be a check mark next to it. If you still need to acknowledge a policy/document, the column will say "Pending." Please see the image below to guide you.


4. Click into the policy/document that needs to be acknowledged. Read the policy/document, scroll to the bottom, and acknowledge that you’ve read and agree to the policy/document. Please see the image below to guide you.


If you have questions, please contact Swing Human Resources at